PPPL WikiSpaces Request Form

If you would like to have a wiki site set up for your department or group, for work related purposes, fill out the information on the form below and it will be submitted for review. You will be notified by email or phone following approval.

As a reminder, these sites are available to both internal and external empoloyees, as used as a collaborative tool to share information. Although the sites are not hosted on PPPL servers, the information you post still represents PPPL and must follow all quidelines.

The wiki can function as a source code repository, and ftp like drop site or just a informatinal style web site. Each site will be managed by the requester of the site with an onsite backup administrator available.

Backups of the sites contents are done by the WikiSpaces organization, however, there are also two other methods to backup/export the wikis contents and this process if the responsibility of the sites administrators. Information on manual backups will be supplied upon request (or follow the link below).

For further help, please contact: WikiAdmins at PPPL, or contact WikiSpaces Help.

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